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Digital PR is all about getting the right people (traffic) to your website and bringing authority in to your website to promote and expand the reach of your brand.

The difference between a successful Digital PR campaign and one that fails lies in planning and preparation. For this reason we spend as much time as it takes to gain an in-depth understanding of your business, your customers, your market and your competitors to ensure that any content produced has the best chance possible of appealing to the right people when we promote it.

Here are just a few places where we have created and placed content for our clients…

Why Should You Invest In Digital PR?Why Should You Invest In Digital PR?

It has long been recognised that external websites linking to your site will bring authority and increase your ability to rank higher in search engine results. Within traditional SEO this is referred to as Link Building but as Google’s understanding of the internet evolves these traditional methods of Link Building are ever increasingly bringing risks to your brand reputation. This is mainly due to the inevitable business tendency to get results as quickly and as cheaply as possible.

The danger of outdated link building methods are that they are intended to specifically build the authority of your domain and they generally do nothing to build the authority of your brand. This is something that Google is becoming ever more aware of.

Our approach to Digital PR looks at the authority of your online reputation as a whole which includes promoting the important signals that Google takes in to account when assessing your brand. A very happy by-product of carrying out effective Digital PR campaigns is that domain authority is also increased to a greater extent than carrying out the traditional link building approach.